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    Junk Food Tax Issues

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    Recently in the news, you may have heard concerned citizens and politicians call for a "junk food" tax to discourage the American people from purchasing and consuming so many soft drinks, potato chips, cookies, candies, cakes, pies, ice cream cones, candy bars, milkshakes, French fries, and anything that is considered "junk food." The "junk food" tax would hopefully help deter obesity in this country. Obesity seems to be an epidemic with younger and younger people being diagnosed with Type II diabetes and high blood pressure.

    - What do you think of the "junk food" tax? Do you think it is a good method of deterring people (parents and kids) from purchasing junk food?

    - If you disagree with the "junk food" tax, what other solution(s) do you have for the high rate of obesity in this country?

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    The "junk food" tax addresses a very important issue right now in American health. However, it is not the most effective solution possible.

    To deter people from buying junk food, we must address why people are buying junk food. Key to understanding this trend to noticing the pattern that people of lower socioeconomic groups (poorer) have higher rates of obesity. One factor in this trend is education - less ...

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