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    Proposing Solutions for HFCS Subsidisation & Regulation

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    If making corn (HFCS) cheap thus allowing people buy more cheap HFCS-laced foods, wouldn't it work the other way around as well? I don't think that taxing junk food necessarily punishes obese people. What does Michael Pollan say about this?

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    The inverse way of looking at the argument of taxation on high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as a means to counteract the public health crisis of obesity is an interesting perspective; it is also one that is not all that different from the idea of criticism towards how such products are cheap in the first place. However, in the political and social sphere, this criticism of subsidised ingredients for junk food is at odds with taxation of the very same junk food.

    Opponents of such taxation methods also happen to be opponents of subsidization. HFCS is a leveraged product of the rather well-protected corn subsidies in the US (United Business Media, n.d.). This fact often provokes the argument that rather than imposing taxation on junk food, the government should stop allowing elements such as HFCS to ...

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    Proposing solutions for HFCS subsidisation and regulations are analyzed.