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    Doctors who take time with patients and health outcomes

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    Some conditions could be prevented but as they develop some times there is little to do or ot is very expensive to return the patient to a normal status. But. let's think about the most common causes of death and costs. Diabetes, some preventable cancers, obesity. These are ranked among the most common causes of morbidity and mortality and are highly preventable. I agree, education, good interaction between patients and providers are fundamental. Patients with a doctor who expend some time educating the patient, provide tools to improve, have good resources to facilitate patients' change in attitudes and beliefs, will get the best from a effective system. Do you agree?

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    Often it IS the relationship with the doctor that can make all the difference, by way of authority, way he/she makes his/her comments, credibility or expertise. However, it might not actually be the doctor but someone else IN the doctor's office, equally knowledgable that might be that person, who makes a difference.

    There are many with the intellectual foundation that can be the catalyst in getting a person to turn around bad or ineffective behaviors. It really boils down to a teachable moment. Taking obesity, for example, those with self-defeating behaviors (SDB) in eating behabits usually have spent many ...

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    Doctors who take time with patients and how that extra attention may affect health is discussed.