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    Innovative Nursing Management Strategies

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    Create an innovation for nursing practice that you would like to see your peers adopt. It can be an innovation that you are aware of through the course textbook, literature, peers, or through experiences with other healthcare systems. You can also create an innovation for this question as well. Design a strategy demonstrating usefulness for presenting the innovation to your peers to gain support. It is integral to describe the innovation so that its importance and adaptability is apparent.

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    An innovation for nursing practice that I would like to see my peers adopt, would be an innovation in which there will be the development of specialization teams within a group of nurses, in a particular unit. This would involve nursing leadership, or the nursing manager, to obtain information from the nurses on their staff, as to their particular strengths and weaknesses within the nursing profession. This nursing leader would utilize this information in order to develop teams of nurses, that could be comprised of two or more nurses, that have a very high aptitude in a particular area of ...

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