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    The Stigma Associated with Mental Health Services

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    The stigma associated with receiving mental health services in America is something that is very frustrating for behavioral health professionals, and it probably costs many American lives each year. We say "probably" because there is no way to truly quantify those lost lives. Often, the individuals in question never even present for care. They may die of a totally treatable substance abuse issue, lose first their health and then their lives due to stress-related cardiovascular disease, or end their own lives in a manner that may or may not be clearly understood as behavioral in origin.

    Why is there still a stigma associated with seeking and receiving mental health care in America? What can be done to assist Americans with mental health problems to receive early and effective treatment?

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    There seems to be a stigma associated with seeking and receiving mental health care in America, largely due to the fact that most individuals don't view mental health issues in the same way that they view other physiological health issues. Most individuals understand physical health ...