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    Case Management plan for client-depression, kids in CPS

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    I am not sure how to develop a case management plan for a female client who is suffering from depression, has no history of drug or alcohol use, has criminal background for child abuse, and her children are currently in the custody of the state. she is trying to receive the help she needs to regain custody of her children. she has only completed highschool and have no skills to obtain employment. she has no support system either. please help..

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    Here are some examples:

    Example 1
    ?Problem: Client has been suffering from binge eating.

    Goal: Client will work to view food as a source of energy.

    Objectives: 1a. Client will write down all food consumed immediately after meals and snacking.

    1b. Client will rate level of hunger at them time of eating on a scale of 1 (not hungry) to 10 (famished).

    1c. Client will keep a diary of emotions and events that may have ...

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    Example of how to develop a case management plan. This particular one is for a depressed client whose kids are in state custody but can be used as a template for any case management plan