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A mental health disorder

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What are the signs and symptoms related to mental health disorders?

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This solution thoroughly defines and exemplifies mental health disorders.

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Mental Health Issues in Minority Communities

Tell a story the community can resonate with that dispels mental health myths. Stories should focus on describing mental health in a culturally relevant,compelling, impressionable and appropriate manner that dispels myths about mental health conditions that impact minority communities, and inspires the community to speak up about mental health in a non-stigmatizing manner. Stories should incorporate facts from the Myth vs. Fact sheet attached and
dispel the myths.

I need to write an essay story no more than 3-pages about mental health that
- educate a minority group (small minority groups) about mental health
- help eliminate myths about mental health
- creatively tells a story, fictional or non-fictional and makes it easy for the
community to understand what mental health is
- use a myth vs fact from the attachment
- weave in cultural aspects from the minority group community

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