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    Recent Changes in the Practice of Medicine

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    Interview an experienced health care professional about changes in the health care industry. (Note: a para-professional, such as a nursing assistant, cannot be used.

    Ask your interviewee how the practice of medicine has changed in the past five years, in the last ten years, and ask challenges the interviewee believes exist for providers in the next five to ten years. Write a report summarizing your findings.

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    Health care has changed most dramatically in the way we approach the practice of medicine. 10 years ago, health care professionals were gods. As experts in their field, their expert authority was taken less as advice and more as commands. The phrase "doctor's orders" should be enough to illustrate the mentality. Then, the emergence of putting our patients first became increasingly powerful as a movement, eventually spawning a lot of studies into how ensuring patient autonomy is practically just as ...

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    Recent changes in the practice of medicine are examined. A report is written to summarize the experts findings.