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    the neighborhood doctor and medicine

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    In the article "Reclaiming the Big Picture" from Dunworth, C. (2005). What is medicine?... If you ask someone whether they understand what medicine is, then they will usually either give you a dismissive nod, or will perhaps reply 'of course'. When you then ask them to follow up and explain in simple terms there is often an embarrassed silence. The author first became interested in the whole field of medicine in the mid-nineties. He scoured bookshops and libraries far and wide, and trawled extensively through numerous websites. But to little avail. There were plenty of books detailing the finer points of Neuro-Immunology or Diagnostic Radiology, for example, but precious few looking at the big picture..The standard official line that is marketed is that the only serious and scientific form of medicine that is available is what I term 'Modern Western Medicine'. And that we've never had it so good. Furthermore that all other forms of medicine are at best alternative or complementary, or at worst quackery and unscientific. Fortunately we are now beginning to break out of these medical Dark Ages, and this mental prison.

    Do you agree or disagree, what are your thoughts?

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    The big picture is that the day when the patient treated the neighborhood doctor as 'GOD,' and did whatever he said, are past. With the high cost of health care, bad lifestyles choices out of control, advances and scientific knowledge better than ever in the history of man, medicine is a whole different experience in the 21st century.
    When adding the factor that we are each an individual and unique petri dish with a whole set of chemicals, natural and man-made, the outcome of our body is simply unknown. With stress of the modern world, better diet options , coupled with the worst processed food of all time, good genes and bad genes leave the end result a crap shoot.
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    The expert examines the neighborhood doctor and medicine. The finer points of the Neuro-Immunology or Diagnostic Radiology are provided.