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Pathophysiology of Dry Skin

Select an article from a consumer magazine or newspaper (must have been written in the last 30 days, provide link) on a topic related to the health of the skin, hair, or nails - a component of the integumentary system. Provide a summary of the article as well as a discussion of the associated anatomy and physiology. Describe the topic as if you were the instructor. Be sure to provide your opinion regarding the information noted in the article. What impressed you about the information, etc? Make a connection to anatomy and physiology.

300 words total

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Here is the link to the article: http://www.thedailyjournal.com/story/life/2014/12/04/chronic-dry-skin-topic-months-healthline/19879027/
Published 12-4-14

This article discusses the risk factors unique to winter that puts our skin at risk of drying out, and remedies for dry skin. Dry air, dry heat, exposure to cold air, hot showers, and frequent hand washing can make our skin dry, itchy and flaky during the winter months. Daily ...

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This solution of 294 words selects an article about dry skin in the winter and explains the pathophysiology of dry skin.