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Weather Forecasts

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Question: It is the middle of winter and the weatherman forecasts a cold, overcast, but dry day, with an average temperatures of -2 degrees Celsius. However, he highlights the presence of a strong wind with a wind chill factor that will make it feel like -10 degrees Celsius. What is meant by the term 'wind chill'? How can it be quantified?Discuss its physical origins and assumptions. If a person stands in the middle of a field and holds a thermometer up to the wind for five minutes, what temperature will it read?

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The following solution is comprised of a detailed explanation which addresses the concept of 'wind chill', including what is meant by this term, how it is measured and the limitations which using this term imposes. Additionally, the scenario part of this question is also addressed, and should be easy to understand after reading the explanation provided.

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Wind chill is an apparent temperature associated with the energy loss of exposed skin due to the transport of the air mass over the heat radiating surface. Most of the energy transport is due to evaporation of the moisture from the skin which is swept away by the wind. Stating that the temperature is minus 2 degrees Celsius and the wind chill will make it feel like minus ten degrees Celsius, actually means that the energy loss will be as if it is minus ten degrees Celsius for ...

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