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    Present and Future Implications of Health Care Provider Shortage

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    Discuss the present shortage of health care providers/staff and predictions for the future, not just nurses but all providers.

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    The shortage of medical staff is a major problem in both hospitals and small clinics. Unfortunately, many medical facilities lack adequate staff in order to meet the demands of their facility.

    Staff shortage of health care providers has many consequences. For starters, the wait time for patients to be seen can be extraordinarily long. Providers tend to have to overbook which not only leads to frustrated and disgruntled patients, but overwhelmed providers as well. Inadequate medical staffing places high demands on the existing providers and can even have a big impact on their ability to provide adequate care to their sick patients. Where staff is limited, medical staff are incapable of spending adequate time with each patient and may tend to rush through the visit, perhaps making it difficult to carefully clarify information regarding the patient's health, medication, etc. and/or answer any questions the patient may have.

    Many hospitals, particularly emergency rooms, have a problem with overcrowding. In addition to inadequate space, inadequate staffing leads to overly packed emergency ...

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    This solution describes the causes and effects of healthcare provider shortage and the outlook for improvement in the future.