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Attractive educational innovation for hospital staff

What is an example of an educational innovation that would be readily accepted or easily implemented within your organization (hospital)? What are the characteristics of the innovation that make it attractive?

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Consider the {specific} population (highly educated, GED, life-long learner, etc.). Adults who are working come into the meeting or activity with an array of sideline issues. [Examples: family stress, good or undesirable relationships with colleagues, financial woos, etc. Most of all, often staff are tired. They are busy and often feel distracted by an additional training or meeting, especially if is obligatory.

As elementary as it might sound, adults are not that different from kindergartners or at least elementary students. Consider COLORS, clever fonts, catchy phrases (not all that different from RAP or rhymes), and try to integrate the five senses. Remember that some are auditory learners, others kinesthetic, or some learn best visually and optimally, using all or as many of these in education for facilitation is desirable.

Do those attending know each other? If they do not, often a nice 'get-to-know-you' activity at the beginning, which can take as little as 5-10 minutes can get participants up talking to others, a sense of competition and comrodity will be staged. It will provoke discovery about others in the group and a sort of bonding. ...

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Finding effective and innovative style and resources for hospital staff is invaluable for effective staff development.