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    US healthcare system Reform

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    What are the future reforms which must occur in the U.S. healthcare system in order to improve access, costs, and quality of care to all Americans?

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    In the future, the citizens will need to take more personal responsibility with regard to prevention, education, early screening and sharing in the cost of alternative medical options and treatment.

    More quality access will need to be available for ALL citizens, including those in rural, low income and other remote locations, traditionally not accessing any care or quality care.

    A recruitment at an earlier age, taking gifted students and really allowing them to excel and find medical care, research and related pursuits easy to complete will be critical for the advancement of education in America. Other top (but not necessarily gifted) students should also be put on the fast track for study of math and ...

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    Insurance, top providers and other ideas for improvement of health care and cost effectiveness is discussed.