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    Strategic Cultural Training Program

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    You are the Director of Training for a large, inner-city hospital network. The patients your network serves represent dozens of unique ethnic groups. According the latest data, forty-seven percent of the patients who have sought treatment in your facilities are not proficient English-speakers. The latest patient census reflected a wide variety or religious preferences (including "none"). Because of its location, the hospital network serves patients from across the socio-economic spectrum.
    Along with your staff, you determine that the patients would benefit if all staff members attended a training program for cultural competence.
    Develop a proposal for a training program. The proposal will take the form of a PowerPoint presentation (twelve to fifteen slides). Follow appropriate APA guidelines. You should have a minimum of (3) references for this assignment. Tailor the proposal for the senior administrators of the network.
    Your goal is to secure "buy-in" from administrators.
    Articulate the goals, anticipate barriers, identify the approach, and determine the scope of the training.

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    Strategic Cultural Training Program