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Operations Management

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1. Why is it essential to have all five P's?

Planning - all encompassing, resources required, time-frames, capacity constraints, fiscal constraints, etc.,

Processes - all encompassing, types of health care provided, delivery of medical supplies throughout health care system, reimbursement systems, patient admissions, hiring employees, etc.,

People - medical staff, support employees, partnerships, skill levels, etc.,

Plants - in-patient/outpatient facilities, emergency facilities, disaster capabilities, power grids/facilities, etc.,

Parts - medical supplies, maintenance/construction materials, capital equipment, etc.,

2. Whether you are producing goods or services, which do you believe is the most important of the four basic decision questions? Why?

3. Address the following questions:

Where will the facility/department(s) be located? Why?
What type of production processes will be used? Why?
What will be the layout of the facility/department? Why?
What will be the layout of the production (health care) system? Why?

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By responding to the questions, this solution discusses aspects of operations management e.g., why it is essential to have all P's, basic decision questions and others.

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Throughput means the rate at which an organization generates money through sales, if something has been produced but has not been sold then it is NOT throughput.

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