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    Healthcare Dollar Usage

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    Given that we have limited resources, what is the best use of our healthcare dollars? Should expensive treatments be provided to everyone who would benefit from them? If so, who should bear the costs—for instance, should it be third-party insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or the individuals themselves paying out-of-pocket? There are other important facets to this issue. Should resources be used to provide basic services to the greatest number of people, such as through immunization? Should the drugs be rationed in any way, to keep costs down?

    Select an ethical issue such as one of those described above and provide a pro/con comparison of related to the ethics of payment.

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    One of the most pressing ethical issues in regard to ethics of payment is whether or not doctors should provide treatment to undocumented immigrants such as those suffering from malignant cancerous tumors. Although the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics suggests that physicians should volunteer a portion of their time to assist patients who can't afford to pay for medical services, in regard to oncologists, this is often an unfeasible proposition. Because of the high costs associated with drug therapy, costs of treatment, complexity of delivery of treatment, and other issues associated with cancer treatment, oncologists who want to provide medical care for illegal immigrants who don't have the resources as they feel this is an ethical obligation, are often forced to choose between remaining financially solvent and going under. The Patient Protection and ...

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