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Health Care Methods used to Collect Money

telephone collection calls
mailed collection letters
collection agencies

Describe each method in detail, and choose which method you feel is the most effective way to recover money that is due. Explain why you chose the method you did. Why is it more effective than the others?

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Telephone collection calls are usually placed by medical personnel if they have sent at least 2-3 collection letters to the patient and the patient has not responded to the letters. These calls may be cordial or stern and may come in at irregular hours. The individuals placing these calls remind the patient to pay for a particular treatment or service. They tell the patient the amount that is owed, inform them of the due date of the payment, and give the patient the invoice number so that he/she may write it on the check when submitting payment. If the patient is unable to pay the amount in full he/she and the collector may negotiate a payment plan. However if there is no response from the first collection call the collector is likely to persist until he/she is li gets a response.

Many hospitals and other ...

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This solution decribes methods that health care personnel use to recover money that is due.