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    factors influencing organizational readiness for your proposed change

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    O Examine the need in the organization for your proposed change.
    o Examine organizational and individual barriers to your proposed change.
    o Identify factors that might influence your proposed change.
    o Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for your proposed change.
    o Identify the theoretical model that relates to your proposed change.
    o Identify internal and external resources available to support your change initiative.

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    Examine the need in the organization for your proposed change.
    The need for the proposed change in the organization will have a direct influence on the financial future of the facility. Referred patients will be coming through admissions and in that case, these patients will be private pay or have insurance. There will always be a number of uninsured or will need to be hospitalized according to local standards for uninsured patients. A financial report needs to be ready and available for examination by the presenter. This should not be the only reason for the proposed change. A review of the statistics of the area of mental health conditions and number of hospitalizations should also be available. Are you losing patients for any reason? Are they going to another facility? Can you identify the reason patients are no shows? Look at your front lobby greeter and see what a patient would observe on arrival. Uses what is known as a secret shopper and have someone pretend to want services and see how they are treated when not in your presence.
    I would also like to propose some needed changes to our admission area that we feel will give our patients a more comfortable area. Since we are concerned we privacy, the area would have more booths for quick access to an intake coordinator without ...

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