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Baby Boomers & Medicare

> Baby boomers are a lot better off than the generation before them, because of increased technology, medical findings, and cures. People are now living longer than ever before, because they are better educated in general about health, and more prosperous.

> This generation of medicare individuals do however have some issues to be concerned with, because of the increased numbers of individuals into the system so quickly. With the number of baby boomers that will be pulling from the resources of medicare in the years to come, there is a good chance that a great strain on the system will happen, and the necessity for supplemental insurance will be more necessary than it has been in the past.

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In many ways Baby Boomers are better off because of the reasons stated however they have also been faced with a surplus of cheap, fatty foods, less ...

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This solution discusses if baby boomers should be concerned with supplemental insurance in the future based on the strain on the medical system in the future.