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    student ratings of faculty performance

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    I need some help coming up with several (2 ) ideal situations/scenarios-

    Describe a scenario(s) in which student ratings are the most appropriate measure of the faculty performance. Be sure to describe the scenario and a hypothetical student rating tool in detail.

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    Scenario 1:

    Students are required to master material provided in readings and class lectures. Sometimes students have difficulty understanding a particular concept or theory and may ask the faculty for help. The only persons able to adequately assess the level or quality of assistance provided to the students are the students themselves, particularly when the faculty member is rated on how well the explanation or assistance meets the students' expectations and the faculty members' demeanor in the process of addressing the students' questions. A survey used as a faculty evaluation tool, administered to students might be formatted as the survey example below:

    1. Did you seek assistant from your instructor/faculty member in understanding a specific concept or theory presented in this ...

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    The validity of student ratings of faculty performance is presented.