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Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

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I need informaiton on persuasion and manupulation. Thank you.

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Excellent question! I found tons of information on manipulation and persuasion, and the differences between the two concepts. I also attached two articles for further expansion.


1. What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation? I need information on persuasion and manipulation.

By definition, the Difference between Persuasion & Manipulation is one of 'intent'.

What is 'Persuasion'? In simple terms it means to help people come to their own conclusion that we share. Think of the prime example. Parenting. We want our kids to present acceptable behaviour so we try to persuade them to do so. What is 'Manipulation'? Simple, trying to persuade people to do something, that you know won't help them. For example, just like when your (or someone else's) son wants to hang around with his friend, who is always stealing and his father is constantly drinking. You know he shouldn't hang around there. You know by his behaviour that he is influenced by him. Frankly, he is manipulating him to act for his benefit. Aha, Manipulation. (http://www.wawa-news.com/Pages/Columns/Kassie/1007-manipulation.html)

So, Persuasion is a form of influence - yes - but contrary to popular belief, it is not synonymous with its evil cousin, Manipulation (http://www.mumonline.ca/features_persuasion_over_manipulation.asp). Persuasion is different from manipulation as it seeks to influence others through facts and personal conviction. Also, persuasion seems to be concerned with the welfare and good of the person who is the object of the persuasion. On the other hand, manipulation tends to bend or twist the facts. Also, manipulation is not focused on the welfare and good of the person who is the object of the persuasion, but on the benefits of the one doing the manipulating.

Another defined difference is this:

"Manipulation aims at control; not cooperation. It always results in a lose-lose situation. Persuasion, on the other hand, always builds the self-esteem of the other party. It treats the other person as a responsible and self-directing individual. Thus, the other person is more likely to act as such" (from example 2 below). So, one big difference between the two concepts is one of intent. Here is one test for whether a technique is manipulative: "Would it lose its power if people knew exactly what you were doing and why?" If the answer is yes, if the technique loses its power in the light of day, then it's manipulative and most people with 'integrity' want no part of it. Manipulation lacks honesty and its intent is to control not cooperate. (http://www.influencerbook.com/blog/influencer/1191540540000.html).

However, a persuader may use similar tactics as a manipulator, but his intentions are always for the good of his prospects. The final end of persuasion is mutual, lasting satisfaction. If the intent crosses the line to be self-serving, it has then crossed over to manipulation (see first example below). The second example details the difference between the two concepts in ...

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This solution explains the difference between the two concepts persuasion and manipulation through definition and examples. Supplemented with two articles on the two concepts for further reading.

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