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    Is persuading unethical?

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    If you must persuade your audience to take some action, aren't you being manipulative and unethical? Explain.

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    Psychological experts in the field of social influence distinguish between ethical persuasion, and unethical manipulation, using buying and selling as an example:
    • Ethical Persuasion promotes mutual benefit for both the seller and buyer (or the audience and the speaker). The consumer gets something of value and the company profits from it.
    • Unethical Persuasion occurs when the buyer has been deceived into a purchasing a product when:
    - The product doesn't do what it claims to do;
    - The purchaser didn't really want to buy it; or
    - The product or service delivered the first step in a promised sequence or path, but cannot or will not deliver on the promise. ...

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    This solution discusses what psychological experts in the field of social influence say about ethical and unethical persuasion in 432 words.