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Topic on persuading buyers to a new product or managers to a new process

Construct a scenario in which you are making a presentation to persuade an audience (you may select the topic, such as persuading buyers to purchase a new product or persuading senior managers to implement a new process). Describe your audience. What key elements will be included in your presentation to capture the audience's attention and to motivate audience members to action? Will you need to develop your speaking skills to persuade? Use resources to support your points.

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A persuasive presentation designed to convince the audience to purchase a product involves
focusing on key components such as target audience, terminology, graphics, and overall quality. The
product being promoted is a new pet toy that rolls around on its own like a ball of yarn and entices cats
to play. The new ball rolls on its own like the Roomba vacuum cleaner but is safer than a ball of yard.
The target market for this product includes cat owners, shelters, and pet supply stores. Members of the
target markets are both male and female and include those of all age groups. However, adults typically
make buying decisions when it comes to household pet toys, though teens can also influence buying
decisions. The target market includes cat owners who are also very busy during the day with careers or
other obligations and are not home to keep their cats occupied.

To develop an effective presentation the four elements of language, target market, graphics,
and ...

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