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Benefits & Risks of Exercise & Youth

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Do research on the benefits and risks of exercise and youth. Give at least five resources and state the findings of your research. Is weight training safe and effective for young people? If not, why not?

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There are a great many benefits for youth to exercise. Youth benefit by learning healthy activity, since exercise is an important component of health and wellness. It is important for youth to learn ways to enjoy movement, to encourage them to be active throughout life. Healthy People 2020 initiative encourages youth exercise as a way to increase quality and years of life (Healthy People, 2014). Ratey (2010) has shown that exercise stimulates neurons, which help all of us, process information better, an important factor in helping children succeed in school. Youth that exercise tend to sleep better. They also have better self-image. In addition, exercise helps to fight the deadly obesity ...

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The Solution identifies benefits and risks for youths participating in exercise and considers weight training specifically.

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