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    Evidence Based Practice in Application

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    I need to assistance in just getting started on a few questions...topic is teenage pregnancy prevention program
    Describe the concepts of certainty and levels of evidence. How will you use these concepts as you search for literature?

    Describe 2 of these concepts: Relative risk, odds ratio, or confidence levels. Describe how you would use these as you seek to understand the evidence.

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    To explain the concept of certainty in research, lets look at what the word actually means. Certainty is known as the degree to which something can be understood or predicted according to a specific set of standards. Simply put, we are certain that 1+1=2. The intent of research is to increase the certainty about a variable when exposed to conditions. For your topic of teen pregnancy, exposing your control group to an intervention will increase the certainty that teen pregnancy will increase/decrease. Researching articles that reveal a high level of certainty about a topic are preferred. This is when 'Level of Evidence' comes into play. The strength or validity of the best research evidence in an area depends on the quality and quantity of the studies conducted. ...