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Evaluating a Patient Scenario

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A nurse is assessing a 70 year old patient admitted to an external extended care facility after being in the hospital for 2 weeks to treat a left hip fracture. Initial assessment reveals dry, scaly skin and poor skin turgidity. Additionally, the nurse notes several red areas over the heels, coccyx, and right hip that do not blanch with palpation. Further assessment reveals that the patient's fluid intake is less than normal. The patient states that she is not feeling thirsty and her weight has dropped about 8 pounds since her hospitalization.

1. What are the risks noted for this patient by the nurse?

2. What nutritional assessment and planning would be required for this patient?

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The patient needs proper minerals and water for survival. Unless with a court order or the patient is deemed incapable of thinking rationally for herself and the default is on the medical establishment, offering and enticing the person with appealing foods is invaluable for this woman who has been hospitalized for two weeks and has lost eight pounds.

If she says she is not thirsty and is not interested in drinking water then providing water-rich foods is a sensible alternative. Dehydration can also be an issue with poor wound healing so the need for hydration becomes additionally ...

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Caring for an extended care patient is discussed.