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Sustainability and the Supply Chain

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Discuss why a sustainable business should be concerned about the nature of its suppliers and their operations. Is there an ethical imperative here? If so, does it extend to a responsibility (i.e. are businesses accountable for the behavior of their suppliers?)? If not, why?

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A brief discussion of the moral obligation of corporations to ensure the sustainability of the suppliers in the supply chain.

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Sustainability: Supply Chain Leadership

Response must clear and address the question ask. Proof read work for grammatical errors and spelling. Use required textbook as reference. No Plagiarism!!!!!

1. Discuss the implications for supply chain leadership as their focus shifts from minimizing total supply chain cost to maximizing firm sustainability. Expand on your response--- 300 word response with reference NO PLAGARISM

2. (a) Discuss the implications of increasing fuel costs on supply chain design. (b) How can global firms mitigate the impact of increased fuel prices? Expand on your response- give example to support your response 300 word response with reference NO PLAGARISM


Required Textbook: Bowersox, Donald J., David J. Closs, M. Bixby Cooper, Supply Chain Logistics Management. 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin

Note: the textbook reference must be use as one of the reference

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