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    Rights - Thoughts on Declaration of Independence

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    In line with universal coverage, many think that health care is a human right guaranteed by the Constitution. Politicians seem to be careful of the "human right" word. I think of what has happened with gun control and first amendment rights. However, what is written and agreed upon by the UN does make sense in the WHO. It also makes sense with what the U.S. does. How about what is in the Declaration of Independence? It states, "with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." So, the government should assist and permit its citizens to obtain these goals?
    When 45-70 million are struggling with health care and the U.S. ranks much lower than other nations, it begs the question of how poorly is the U.S. taking care of some of its citizens? On the other hand, as others stated, health care is a big business and the U.S. wants to support business. However, should this be at the expense of its citizens? A balance has to be obtained.

    Thoughts? - Just thoughts ---- How can we obtain balance or achieve it as it is extremely fluid and there are so many variables. I personally do BELIEVE that in addition to the Declaration of Independence "Our Country has to get our finances in order/deficient. Also every person deserves dignity and access to HEALTHCARE as a JUST society takes care of all. Each of us has to strive to be accountable financially and also for our health. If one cannot afford again a JUST society should and does take care of the patient who walks into the ER with NO Coverage. It is American to fight the good fight for life, liberty and justice for all.

    Further, I believe that more education at ALL SCHOOLS - Especially public schools to teach being financially responsible and healthy eating (this was not taught during my informative years and like many I am still working on it.

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    Thoughts on Declaration of Independence

    Unfortunately, America has (never) lived up to its grandiose ideals and declarations, which entail engaging in slavery while "professing" that all men are created equal for hundreds of years to many other issues that are in total contrast to the U.S. constitution. Although the document itself and the laurels of the document ...

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