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    Declaration of Independence

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    Would you please concisely discuss what ideas from the Declaration of Independence you see as the most meaningful basis of our law today. How are society's rights balanced with those of the individual?

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    The main ideas of the Declaration of Independence are the right to life, liberty and property (although this is the interpretation that is based on Jefferson's influence by John Locke, it's thought that the ideas conveyed by Jefferson through his first mentor, George Wythe, would convert the last principle of property to "the pursuit of happiness" which would conjure a principle of benevolence towards others although today and as written in the Declaration of Independence, it is property.

    The basis (and the most meaningful idea) of the Declaration of Independence and these rights is the social contract which is the agreement between society and the individual that for giving up certain rights by the individual, the society gives the individual certain protections. Once an individual violates the laws of the state, the ...