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    Info on Reducing Cardiovascular disease and Cancer

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Some people feel cardiovascular disease and cancer are beyond one's control. List three points of information that may convince a person that he/she can reduce the risk of getting those diseases .

    Textbook for class:
    EBOOK COLLECTION: Insel, P. M., & Roth, W. T. (2008). Core concepts in health (10th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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    There are ways to reduce the chance of getting cancer and heart disease. Convincing people to live healthy lifestyles and make smart choices will help. Below are three points that can help address the problem.

    1. Stop smoking and don't start smoking. Tobacco use is the number one cancer-related killer. About one-fourth of all cancers are related to smoking, chewing or "dipping" tobacco. Environmental tobacco smoke - second-hand smoke, or the tobacco ...

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    The solution is comprised of three points that can help convince a person to lessen there chance of getting the named diseases. The explanation is given in 313 words.