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    Summary of Articles on Sports

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    Please write a brief, short summary of the 5 specific studies listed below:

    1.Characteristics and contributing factors related to sports injuries in young volleyball players. (2013) Authors:
    Vanderlei, Franciele Marques; Bastos, Fabio Nascimento; Tsutsumi, Gustavo Yuki; Vanderlei, Luiz Carlos; Netto Júnior, Jayme; Pastre, Carlos Marcelo

    2.Factors related to the incidence of injuries' appearance to volleyball players. (2006) Authors:
    Zetou, E.; Malliou, P.; Lola, A.; Tsigganos, G.; Godolias, G

    3.Influence of anthropometric profile on physical performance in elite female volleyballers in relation to playing position. (2015) Authors:
    Juan Mielgo-Ayuso; Julio Calleja-González; Vicente J. Clemente-Suárez; Michael C. Zourdos

    4.The Effect of foot type and laterally on ankle on ankle sprain in elite female volleyball athletes. (2009) Authors:
    Kolář, Pavel, Lehnert, Michal, Stejskal, David, Vařeka, Ivan, Vařeková, Renata.

    5.Prospective study of injury in volleyball players: 6 year results. (2015) Authors:
    Pastor, M. F.; Ezechieli, M.; Classen, L.; Kieffer, O.; Miltner, O.

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    Article # 1: Vanderlei, F., Bastos, F., Tsutsumi, G., Vanderlei, L., Netto, J., & C. Pastre. (2013). Characteristics and contributing factors related to sports injuries in young volleyball players. BMC Research Notes, 6(415). http://doi.org/10.1186/1756-0500-6-415

    This article highlights the fact that young people's participation in volleyball is more common than decades ago. With this new participatory response however, comes the legitimate concern regarding the risk of the start of major sport injuries. As such, the study's objectives included identification of the nature and characteristics of sports injuries in especially younger volleyball players, as well as anthropometric and other training variables, the researchers thought could be contributing factors for such injuries in young players. Following extensive interviews with 522 high school volleyball players in Brazil, in which researchers used reported condition inquiry to gather information on the injuries sustained, including where injuries were, why, when and how they occurred. The researchers also collected pertinent personal and training data. Overall, they concluded that almost 20 percent frequency of injuries was found. Also, higher age, body mass index, height, weight and training duration values were associated with the occurrence of injuries.

    Overall, most complex injuries take place in the ankle/foot area (45 injuries = 36.3%). Direct contact as well as contactless mechanisms were the main causes of injuries (61 injuries=49.2% and 48 injuries=38.7%, respectively). Independent of personal and training characteristics or habits however, the researchers reported that most injuries (93 injuries=75%) occurred while in training. Injuries affected the ankle/foot complex with a greater frequency, and tended to be among older, heavier, taller athletes, and those with a greater BMI and longer duration of training. It is reasonable to conclude that most injuries, take place during training sessions; that contactless mechanisms, and direct contact are the most frequently reported; that personal and training characteristics are also contributors to such injuries. It is reasonable to even assume that year-round participation leads to repetitive mechanical stress, and pressure loads to joints, muscles and tendons, making young players more susceptible to over exertions, overuse and acute injuries.

    Article # 2: Zetou, E., Malliou, P., Lola, A., Tsigganos, G., and G. Godolias (2006). Factors related to the incidence of injuries' appearance to volleyball players. Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation 19(4): 129-134.DOI: 10.3233/BMR-2006-19404

    The purpose of this study was to ...

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