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    Attributes Associated with Storage of Patient Documentation

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    list five attributes associated with storage of patient care documentation. Delineate the following regarding each attribute.

    __Define the attribute

    ___Assess how the attribute can or will be impacted by the implementation of the EHR

    ____Examine how the attribute effects the job of an HIM professional

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    Attributes associated with storage of patient care documentation include data quality, accessibility, security, efficiency and flexibility.

    Patient care documentation must be legible and accurate in order to be worthwhile, as well as complete in detail and meaning. Each of these factors is part of data quality. In part, the amount of completeness is dependent upon the users of the information as far as core data elements. Quality of data impacts health decisions and care. By implementing EHR, handwriting is eliminated, thus eliminating illegibility. Accuracy of the data can be enhanced through standardization with EHR. There is less need for an intermediary to enter data, thus allowing the physician or nurse to input the information directly. EHR helps standardize and have more complete data, since it is easier to add notes as well as information to justify decisions based on coding. Data quality impacts a HIM professional since the HIM professional could be involved ...

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    This detailed solution lists five attributes associated with storage of patient care documentation.It defines the attribute and assesses how the attribute is impacted by electronic health records (EHR), and how the attribute impacts the job of a HIM professional. Includes APA formatted reference.