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    Hospital admissions

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    1.Compare and contrast the following types of hospital admissions:
    a. Direct admission
    b. Unscheduled admission
    c. Scheduled admission

    2. What are some advantages/disadvantages of computerized charting of patient records versus opposed to hand written documentation.

    3.what are the advantanges of establishing a partnership between a school and a healthcare facility

    4.what are the attributes of passive, assertive and aggressive communication both verbal and nonverbal.

    5.Of the three decision making techniques (brainstorming, force field analysis and Kepner-Tregue approach) which would you use to solve the following problem. Defend your answer

    The healthcare team at Parkway Hospital's maternity ward, none of whom speak Spanish, must develop a plan of action to assist them in better communicating with their increasing number of Hispanic patients.

    6. Summarize general characteristics associated with the following generational groups: and why is it important to know their characteristics.
    a. Veterans;(excerpt from book) group is described as the generation born before 1943; they are for the most part the group likely to use the healthcare services and are insured through Medicare.not thrilled about technology, would like environment to be quiet, like to be addressed as Mr/Mrs/Miss; difficult reading small print; think you should be respectful

    b. Boomers
    c. Generational X
    d. Millennial generation

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    1. Direct admission to a hospital can occur when a patient is scheduled for ambulatory surgery or another hospital procedure such as testing. In that sense it is the same thing as a scheduled admission to a hospital since admission would be arranged between the hospital and the patient at least 24 hours prior to the admission date. A scheduled admission can occur if a patient is sent bv his/her doctor directly to the hospital for certain medical procedures for the following day. If for example complications would arise prior to that time the doctor would have to arrange an unscheduled admission to the hospital for that patient. If complications did not occur it would be a scheduled admission. An unscheduled admission to a hospital can occur if the admission is not arranged with a hospital at least 24 hours prior to admission. This can occur during an emergency room visit to a hospital. In some cases even during an unscheduled admission patient information can already be at the hospital where he /she is admitted to. For example if complications arise following a patient's ambulatory surgery the patient would have to be admitted to the hospital for observation. Another example would be if a pregnant woman is induced for labor on her due date. In both cases the patient information would be on file at the hospital.

    2. Some advantages of computerized charting of patient records include a more efficient way to keep track of patient information that the patient or ...

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    The following solution discusses different types of hospital admissions. It also examines the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of recordkeeping done in medical facilities, as well as the advantages of establishing a partnership between a healthcare facility and a school. Further it describes certain decision -making techniques and how it can be used in the medical field, as well as characteristics associated with certain generational groups.