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    Survey of Alternative Medicine

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    I need help describing five categories of therapies as defined by the National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and I also need help specifing to which category the selected therapy belongs. There isn't many sources out there.....

    I need to also explain the philosophy, purpose, and treatment principles of the therapy. And then help me summarize the historical development and evolution of the therapy. And find out if there are any potential hazards or cautions regarding the therapy, and describe any licensing, certification, or governmental regulations related to therapy.

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    I hope I have understood your problem correctly, so here goes.

    Firstly, the five categories of therapy defined by the NHI and NCCAM are:

    1.Alternative medical systems, for example homeopathic medicine and Ayurveda

    2.Mind-body interventions, for example meditation and mental healing

    3. Biologically based therapies, for example herbal medicine and dietary supplements

    4. Manipulative and body-based methods, for example chiropractice

    5. Energy therapies
    a) biofield ...

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