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Complementary Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

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There is no complementary or alternative medicine (CAM). There is only medicine; medicine that has been tested and found to be safe and effective . . . Medicine that has been tested and not found to be safe and effective . . . and medicine that is plausible but has not been tested . . .

How would you apply the above statement to CAM therapies?
"Complementary therapy" and "alternative therapy" are the terms used interchangeably. Do you think a meaningful difference exists between these two terms? Why?
What barriers exist in traditional (allopathic) medicines for acceptance of CAM therapies?
Why is it insufficient to rely on a century's worth of anecdotal evidence for alternative therapies?

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Questions, barriers and issues related to alternative and traditional medicine are explored.

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It depends on who you ask and in what era, with regard to the definition of 'medicine.' There are the die-hard traditionalists who follow the protocol of modern western medicine. However, much of what we know and see is very new and merely from the turn of the century with all the advances people have discovered, most of what has been discovered has been in the last 100-150 years, contrasting everything else since the ...

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