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    The Purpose and Benefits of Interdisciplinary Teams

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    Promoting Better Patient Care

    i) Interdisciplinary team concepts promote better patient care through increased communication. Choose two allied health specialties from either The Association of Schools for Allied Health Professionals Web site for a list of allied health professions. Write a paper of 500-750 words addressing the specialties that would interact during a typical work day in a hospital, a long-term care facility, and an out-patient clinic. Be sure to specifically address the following: http://www.asahp.org/

    (1) Include the specialties.

    (2) What is their function?

    (3) How does it impact your specialty?

    (4) How does it impact the patient?

    (5) What if the facility did not have that specialty?

    (6) Who would be able to take over that function?

    (7) Would you be willing to be cross-trained for the function?

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    I will choose the substance abuse counselor and the psychiatrist in an outpatient setting. Please remember to incorporate the following as they require your own personal opinion: (3) How does it impact your specialty? e.g. it allows you to get the specific information that you need about the patient's life situations in order to perform your function better with the patient. It also allows you to be able to utilize another channel in order to get to a hard to reach patient. As for the psychiatrist, she also helps the patients achieve mental stability so that other disciplines can service them better. (7) Would you be willing to be cross-trained for the function? e.g. being cross-trained is not only beneficial to the facility (e.g. save money by not having to hire extra staff) but it is also beneficial to the individual who's being trained (provides you more experience and makes you more marketable when seeking employment). However, you may not be able to be cross-trained for the role of the psychiatrist because it requires many years of medical school as well as a professional license.

    The substance abuse counselor:

    The role of the substance abuse counselor is to reach out to individuals who have a substance abuse problem in the ...

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    Interdisciplinary teams can be very useful to an organization. In this paper, two allied health specialties are chosen and a discussion is presented on how the specialties interact during a typical work day in an out-patient clinic, to the benefit of the organization.