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Zeffirelli film

I had tried to get a posting to you previously, but it wouldn't let me select your name. I am doing a big project on Hamlet and am looking at various aspects of the four films and how they differentiate and which one(s) are the most accurate to Shakespeare's play. Is there anything you can tell me about any of them that I might have missed in my own viewing? The four are Mel Gibson, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Kline, and Kevin Branagh. I am only looking for personal opinion, not official reviews, etc.

Thank you!!

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As you compare and react to the versions, I think that the Zeffirelli film is adequate, not exemplary, at conveying the plot, themes, characters overall. However, it seems like the theme of incest is emphasized in this version more prominently as well as the depiction of deceit. Do you agree?

For me, it feels a bit too soap opera-ish, almost like a General Hospital times two! Using Claudius to speak the first lines and highlighting Gertrude's meltdown, it seems to reflect more of a family drama than the original Shakespearean text. Do you get that feeling, too? The physical displays of affection and untamed sexuality between son and mother really ...

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Zeffirelli film of Hamlet is briefly explicated.