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How would one go about writing a review for a restaurant? Could you provide an example?

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This excerpt explains how to write an awesome restaurant review. If you're having a difficult time with descriptive writing, the information provided in this excerpt might help. When composing a general essay, you're mainly charged with stating the facts and your instructor wants you to get straight to the point. Not so with descriptive writing. It requires a lot more thought and personal exposure. Your word choice normally defines who you are. After reviewing this entry, you should have a clear idea of how to write a restaurant review and infuse descriptive words in your writing by recounting your own experiences through the use of vivid sensory imagery.

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I've never seen a piece of writing that was completely perfect, especially on the first try, so make sure your grammar is okay and you're able to make your audience laugh a few times. Below are some tips that might help you with your paper and a restaurant review that I've provided as an example. If you have any trouble inserting dialogue into your entry, consult this website: http://webs.anokaramsey.edu/wrobel/1121/Course%20Materials/Exercises/basic_dialogue_format_for_narrat.htm

1. Remember that a good restaurant review has the following: facts and opinions supported by details, examples, reasons, etc., and based on your experience and observations.
2. Use supporting quotes from the staff and those at your table to support your claims.
3. Make sure you take a clear stance when conveying your opinion.
4. Make sure your composition is orderly and that you have a clear introduction with an interesting lead. You can open your essay in a number of ways: with a definition, with a personal story from your life that relates to what's happening at the restaurant, with a quote from a patron or someone at your table; anything that defines the theme of your piece, etc. Make sure that you have a clear intro and conclusion.
5. If you're able to present a counterargument or refute something that someone else has written about the restaurant, do it.
6. Provide background information for your reader so that they don't get lost or confused while reading your essay.
7. Double and triple check your spelling, especially the name of the restaurant and entrees on the menu. Write carefully.
8. Use a thesaurus/dictionary when you write.
9. Use words that you know. You will lose points for using words out of context.
10. Make sure your essay contains a title, the date of your submission, your name, school, and any other pertinent information.

Make sure that your entry is as detailed as possible and that your events appear in sequential order. Write about what you ...

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