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    Teaching Postion: Job Opportunties Map

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    Create a diagram that maps job opportunities for a teaching position. What training is needed to move on according to the map? What is the role of incentives in the organization and mentoring in the development of talent pools?

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    Job Opportunities Map

    Create a diagram in PowerPoint mapping job opportunities starting from, or advancing to, a teaching position.
    Describe the additional training necessary for employees to advance according to the map. Explain the role of organizational incentives and mentoring in developing talent pools. This additional narrative should be 200-300 words, submitted as an additional slide or page with the map.

    The critical training that is necessary for employees to advance to the position of a university professor is that of academic publications. The development of these ...

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    This solution gives you a job opportunities map in PowerPoint starting from a teaching position. It is approximately 400 words long.