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Writing a Body Paragraph

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Outline the steps to writing a body paragraph and a simple strategy to remember the steps.

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A standard body paragraph is comprised of four parts that can be remembered with the acronym: TEST. The following is the explanation of each component of the TEST model of paragraph writing.

T=Topic Sentence

A Topic Sentence is a guiding sentence that starts a body paragraph. It is typically the very first sentence of a body paragraph, and it is comprised of two parts: a subject and an attitude. It first states the topic being discussed, the "subject," and then comments on the topic with the "attitude." An example might be "Running is a great form of exercise." In this case, "Running" is the subject and "a great form of exercise" is the attitude.


Evidence is the support that proves the Topic Sentence. These are the sentences following the Topic Sentence that we call "major details" and "minor details". They support the Topic Sentence as a lawyer would support his or her case in the courtroomâ?"this is the evidence to prove that the Topic Sentence ...

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