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Tips about Robison's "Yours"

This posting briefly examines Mary Robison's short story, "Yours." It offers textual evidence to validate.

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As you explore your own first impressions, these notes are some ideas that I personally had while reading this riveting and haunting story. Please feel free to develop your own and send them for my feedback:

First, while looking first at the title, I am wondering if it will be a romantic piece since the title is "Yours." I also thought about the connotations from their names. "Allison" seems like a young and trendy girl, while Clark seems like the name of an older man.

I love Robison's descriptions of the setting with its "glider" and "twilight on the twig-and-leaf littered porch." She really creates a homey scene with her sensory data within her setting.

When I learned about the age difference, I was so shocked. It was much like an Anna Nicole Smith sort of character relationship!

I wondered ...

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This posting briefly analyzes Mary Robison's short story, "Yours." It offers my own reader response ideas as a model.