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    How can you use electronic forums to improve group communications, deliver training, create a think-tank, or integrate project management? What about other resources like Google Groups?

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    Electronic forums, also called, eforums, internet forums, or simply popular as 'forums' in the Worldwide Web, are actually discussion boards or message boards where people discuss certain topics with each other. They interact about certain events, debate on interesting topics, share each other tips, techniques & ideas and most of the time, they just want to say whatever they like provided that these things are not against the rules of the forum that they are joining.
    A forum has a certain theme and it has many categories related to that specific theme. For example, a webmaster forum would contain categories on hosting, domain, programming, designing and other related matters. However, they can also have a category or section on miscellaneous matters, such as ads for job vacancies, looking for jobs, or just plain chat about anything. Here is where a forum improves communication between its members. The members post a new thread (topic) that fits to the category where he is posting and the other members reply to that post with whatever ideas, comments and suggestions they have and in doing so, they become interactive with each other. Forums save these conversations on a particular topic which can be accessible to other people who need information about the topic making forums an educational tool for research, too. It is a way to teach and train someone to learn something. A neophyte in web designing can ask in the forum about how certain ...

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