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inventing a narrative

Ideas for a narrative on Ghana culture with the following guidelines are brainstormed:

1. Think about their customs, traditional behaviors
2. Think of an event that help you to understand the cutural practices of this group (e.g, wedding, baby naming ceremony or a holiday celebration)

3. Outline step by step and from beginning to end how the event unfolds

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In order to help you to write a narrative on Ghana culture, I offer some ideas and resources as a starting point.

First of all, as you think about their various customs and traditional behaviors, I narrow some ideas for you:

Besides the black star, you might examine other symbols and customs as you create your piece. When looking at some of the many Akan traditions, you might talk about the ceremonial sword. Other symbols for you to add into the narrative might also include "the linguist's staff, the chief's stool, and the talking drum" ( As make up a main character, I'd include one of these items to make it real.

As you then start to outline your narrative, you need a strong attention getter to open your paper. Where is your character? Who is he/she? What is his or her conflict?

You might name him, and then show that he is sitting in the forest with his sword after a hunt. He is there with the body of a gazelle, and this dead corpse makes him flashback to the death of his wife (if you want a tragic narrative). I am merely giving you some ideas to infuse into your own.

As you outline the narrative further, please describe your main character, Yahines. You might describe ...

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