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"What the Bleep Do We Know?" Movie Review

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Give a film review about the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

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This was a very interesting film created in documentary style about possibility of a spiritual connection between quantum physics and self. It spoke to me initially by providing amazing graphics that caught my attention, and the film was presented in such a way that provided a backdrop for inspiring visual thoughts. I was intrigued by the thought-provoking questions that were being presented about the literal meaning of life and uncertain world of quantum physics hidden within ourselves. I began to see a strong reality check was needed into knowing what I thought was true and was really true.

As the film progressed, the main character seems to be thrown into a scenario of chaos while at the same time demonstrating a hidden deep reality that she did not know existed. It was lead to believe that such a place really exists, and I began to question the basis of my own life as well. Is everything that I thought was real not true? ...

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