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'The Shift': A Film Review

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Write a movie review about the film "The Shift".

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This is a movie by Wayne Dyer who is a respected author in books about spirituality and personal growth, so I was interested to see what he had to offer with this film. The movie followed three separate stories that intertwined at a retreat in North California. One story that particularly moved me was about a woman who was feeling the pressures of being a good wife and mother while feeling like she was missing something in her life. Regardless of our roles in life, we all feel this way at some point or another. I remember being a young mother and wife with a lot of drive and ambition to be successful at both this and a career. Because of this, I was able to particularly relate to this story line. Much like the woman in the movie, no matter how hard I worked toward this goal, something was always missing. And no matter how hard I tried, I was never really successful at any aspect of my life. I usually dismissed these feeling by thinking that I wanted too much, or even thinking that there must be ...

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