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    A critique of poorly designed website

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    Of all the websites you find, this job chooses the very worst website. The definition of " worst" is up to you. For that website (ONLY), answer the following questions:

    1. Note the design and layout - what draws your eye? What colors are used? What pictures? Are they designed to influence you emotionally, mentally socially...
    2. Does the website have an genda? Do you know what it is? Can you tell from looking at it or reading the main topic?
    3. How can you tell if it's telling the truth? (LOOK IT UP)
    4. If there are testimonials, are full names given?
    5. If there are testimonials, are they believable and/or verifiable?
    a. Are there examples of hyperbole ( an exaggeration beyond reasonable belief)?
    6. Show example of bias
    a. How do you tell?
    i. Strong statements, language
    i i. Usually an appeal to emotion
    i i i. Only one side of a subject portrayed
    7. Is it easy to track down just who wrote or produces this website (and is that a traceable subject) Is there an "about" tab? What does it say?
    8. Are you being manipulated by any of the above to espouse a specific point of view?
    9. When was the information written? Has it been kept current?

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