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Marketing in the Digital Age for Cyber Health

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At the second meeting of the Digital Learning Initiative Team (D-LIT), President Learner has selected you to formulate interactive marketing benchmarks, such as website features, online services, electronic data gathering, and software applications that permit personalized digital experiences.

Dr. Learner is especially interested in assuring Cyber-Health that its successful "healthcare learning for the digital future" positioning strategy is well understood including the vital role of the med-teach agent technology.

Formulate and use interactive marketing benchmarks to discuss critical success factors for Cyber-Health's e-marketing process/programs. Consider the following for inclusion:

interactive marketing benchmarks - website designs, online features like instant messaging, and others
reference citations - the website or online reference source from which the benchmark is identified
description of e-marketing process/program critical success factor(s) - the actual Cyber-Health emarketing advantages derived from incorporating the identified benchmark(s)
Cyber-Health is an online college & Med ED is brick/mortar

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// While writing this paper, we will formulate and use the interactive benchmarks which are essential for developing in the Cyber Health Online College. Later we will discuss the success factors of e-marketing process followed by advantage of a good website design.//

While going in for web designing, some important features have to be kept in mind so that more web traffic could get attracted. There are some interactive marketing benchmarks like website designing, online features like instant messaging, data gathering, software applications, etc so that it could prove to be successful for Cyber Health Online College.

Designing a web site is a tedious task and involves lot of efforts and skills. So, there can be effective points that could be kept in mind while developing a website where right decision could be taken so that the designing work is done competently and effectively. While designing the first point that has to be focused is that the main purpose for designing the website should be clear so that the design ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 692 words with references.

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The answer to Marketing in the Digital Age

President Learner is unclear about the potential of Cyber-Health's online platform for substituting Med Ed's traditional marketing activities. He has asked you to compose an email message explaining how Cyber-Health will be able to perform online interactive marketing activities.

· Discuss the growth of Internet interactivity.

· People have a basic need to interact and socialize. Explain the online interactive activities/techniques that make sense for Cyber-Health.

· Provide at least one site that uses the online interactive activities/techniques that you identified above. You may limit the number of sites to one if that site uses all the activities/techniques that you identified as being appropriate for Cyber-Health.

Internet interactivity is not the same as Internet connectivity. ***** You did mention some excellent sources of interactivity, i.e., message boards and chat rooms, but it was not done within the correct context. You needed to discuss interactive techniques that made sense for Cyber-Health. The only direct linkage to Cyber-Health was vis-à-vis electronic newsletters. ***** The website that you referenced provided excellent examples of interactivity, but the interactivity techniques had not been discussed earlier.


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