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    Contract site visit: Letter proof read

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    Can you please correct the sentences, please re - write the whole letter. Its request to all contractors for site visit. If you want to add few more lines please do so... Please email it as soon as possible. Here is the information.

    I have included more instructions to describe the revised scope of work for Temporary Restoration project scheduled to take place in Spring 2013. Supply all supervision, labour, material, consumables, tools, equipment, travel, lodging. In this revised scope of work All FRP siding supply and install is excluded. A portion of the Girts (All sag rods still included). The brick wall is now remaining, just the door is being replaced. Please note the Burner Control room is now included in the revised Scope of work. New Steel members to be painted per Expo Paint specifications. Also touch up of metal that is damaged during delivery. Sand blasting is required for the steel columns that are to be encased in concrete. All existing connections are to be replaced with new ones. Sag rods to be mild steel painted (not hot dipped galvanized). Please take into account that siding may have to be removed and re installed to complete some work, care must be taken to ensure the siding can be re - used. When the site visits are completed, a fully drafted RFP shall be sent to all contractors associated with this project.

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    Dear Contractors:

    Included here are the instructions that describe the revised scope of work for the Temporary Restoration project scheduled to begin during spring 2113 (need specific dates). Your company will be responsible for all supervision of labor, materials required, consumables, tools, equipment, travel, and ...

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