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    Working for an organization that hires unqualified employees

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    If you worked for an organization that hired unqualified employees, what would you do about this problem? This solution posts an outline for a report. If you had to explain the problem to someone, how would you organize that explanation?

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    Working for an organization that hires unqualified employees
    I. Introduction
    A. The situation: an organization is hiring unqualified employees, thinking that they would cost the company less money.
    B. I want to change that situation by writing a report: I'm hired as a consultant to the company to help solve the problem.
    C. Intended reader of the report (HR manager & board members
    D. Thesis statement: problems of unqualified employees (on work: low quality and bad reputation) (on other employees: frustration, less commitment to organization); ways to change the situation: (in-service training to those hired; setting high standards for new hires)
    II. First body paragraph
    Topic sentence: Hiring unqualified employees may negatively affect the company's ...

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    An outline about working for an organization that hires unqualified employees is modeled.